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From US$135.00 / mo
Sub-rack colocation offerings (1U, Multi-U, Quarter-Cab, Half-Cab) in Equinix’s state-of-the-art Toronto 2 (TR2). Our offer includes 99.9% SLA, 24/7 on-site support, affordable power, our premium network, IPMI, and more! With every major cloud and dozens of other companies on-site, you're in the best toronto Datacenter. Don't lock yourself into multi-year contracts with our flexible terms and reasonable pricing.

All your servers are on the same LAN, and you can even connect you directly to your cloud onramps, including services with Xenyth.

Don't settle for less, and don't pay for what you don't need. Our tailored solutions are designed to help.
Our plans start at only US$135 per month for 1U, 200W, 30TB of bandwidth on a 10G link, and IPMI VPN. Installation fees are waived on a 1 year term.
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Our no-compromise Tier 2 IP Transit blend on AS835 is specifically made and optimized for Toronto traffic. We combine the best routes from the best Tier 1s, and offer it to you at an impressively aggressive rate. No more scenic route to the US, handoff to every major ISP in Toronto. Our blend has over 200 peers in Toronto and our Transit providers are specifically picked for their local benefits. No surprise charges or ridiculous BGP fees! Full table capable, and plenty of BGP Communities to help you use our network to your advantage.

We'll reach you wherever you are, with presence in Equinix TR2, Equinix TR1, and partnerships with local Fiber and Transport vendors, we can get to you no matter where you are. Let us worry about how you reach us and where your traffic goes, you focus on your project and company.

We also offer several services to improve your connectivity just for using us, including a DNS cache, Linux Mirror, and direct connections to some of the biggest clouds.

Our no nonsense pricing is transparent, supports numerous use-cases, and is perfect for bandwidth heavy companies who don't want to dedicate resources to finding "the best" choice. We will even add additional peers and upstreams if your use requires it, just get in touch!
Xenyth Cloud strives to provide pristine services, from our impeccable Cloud Offerings, to our affordable Domains, to our Exquisite Support. We work hard every day to ensure our customers succeed, as that has been the backbone of our company since day one. Our outstanding reviews prove the effort we go into for customer satisfaction, we don't believe we have succeeded until the customer is fully satisfied with the service.

Most importantly, we know that uptime is crucial to any successful business, as such, we strive to deliver the highest degree of uptime possible. We keep downtime low so that you can ensure profits are high. With our own infrastructure, colocation, and network. We can take full control of the quality of our service and offerings.

Learn more about Xenyth Cloud on the dedicated Xenyth Cloud Website. Contact us if you need anything unique or specific, we are always happy to add new features and take suggestions.


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With over a decade of experience in Linux Server, Database, Hardware, Networking, and Programming expertise, you're in good hands when you go with us. We have experts in every segment of the tech industry, and aren't afraid to refer you elsewhere for parts we dont feel qualified for. Be sure that you get a system that works for decades, not days.

Our experts can help design your system from the ground up, or provide industry standard advice on the best practices your project can take advantage of. We have ways of reducing recurring cost and minimizing maintenance cycles with standards that encourage long-term sustainability and optimal use of resources.

Be confident that you choose the best design for your project, don't take the chance of a lower cost alternative, book a no-commitment consultation today to learn how we can help.
Whether it's a sudden need for IP space, or help getting your next ticket through the system, we offer our expertise in dealing with ARIN. Our prices are the best in the industry. We offer short and long term leases on ARIN IPv4 and IPv6. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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